Domination – Echos of Persecution Tour 2024

Domination – Echos of Persecution Tour 2024

DOMINATION aus Argentinien machen am 15.06.24 auf Ihrer Europatournee halt im ORWOHaus. Mit dabei als Support aus Berlin sind DEKADENZA und DEFACED HUMANITY. Details zu den Acts findet ihr unter den folgenden Links:
DOMINATION is a conceptual metal band born in Argentina in 2011. Their albums tells hidden stories based on world revolutions and human evolution.
During their career, Domination has released 3 LPs: (2013), (2016) and (2019); and 4 EPs: Testimony (2011); My Name is Alice (2015) Epiphany (2019) and Holy Order (2022). The band has toured through Argentina, Uruguay and Europe twice.
They are currently about to release a new LP called “Echoes of Persecution” in May 2024 and are about to embark on a new European tour.
Dekadenza is metal band from Berlin founded in 2021 by the two classically trained brothers Raphy and Adry. In 2022, Cosmo joined on drums and Aurelien on bass guitar.
The group bends the metal genre by replacing the lead and rhythm guitars of the classical metal line-up with an electronic saxophone and a distorted cello.
Influenced by bands like Apocalyptica, Motörhead or Airbourne, Dekadenza describe themselves as epic groove metal. Their unique sound falls within the scope of modern metal bands such as Ghost, Alestorm and Amaranthe. The trademarks of Dekadenza are their unusual instruments, a dissenting voice, forceful riffs, epic melodies and a unique sense of humor that keeps them sane.
We play a mixture of intense Death Metal with melodic influences.
Our musical influences reach from bands like Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Six Feet Under and Aeon to Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Wintersun and more.
It is our intention to create dynamic songs with thick riffs and catchy melodies.
15.06.2024 ORWOhaus e.V. – Showroom 104, 1. OG
Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Eintritt Abendkasse: 15,-€ / ermäßigt 12,-€
Türcode / Doorcode: 1506

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Date(s) - 15.06.2024 - 16.06.2024
19:30 - 00:00

ORWOhaus e.V. - Showroom 104