Harp Twins im ORWO

Harp Twins im ORWO

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Harp Twins ft. Volfgang Twins + special guest

ORWOhaus Halle
19:00 Einlass
19:30 Beginn
25€ zzgl. Geb.
Harp Twins – Celtic Heart (feat. Máiréad Nesbitt) : http://y2u.be/sEMR16gOXLM
Harp Twins – If I Had A Heart (Vikings – Fever Ray) : http://y2u.be/BseReHVrZ6k
Harp Twins – Skyrim / Morrowind (Jeremy Soule) : http://y2u.be/W5RB-gr9DTU
Harp Twins – One (Metallica) : http://y2u.be/JhOhGhq0e54
Harp Twins – Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden) : http://y2u.be/KPb20fK0R94
Harp Twins – My Immortal (Evanescence) : http://y2u.be/MEe6HgqF-A8
Harp Twins – Nemo (Nightwish) : http://y2u.be/Xw7u9agX_x8
Harp Twins – Iron Man (Black Sabbath) : http://y2u.be/3UV-2E8kEqg
Harp Twins – Rainbow In The Dark (DIO) : http://y2u.be/1FyjAvZvSfs
Harp Twins – A Tout Le Monde (MEGADETH) : http://y2u.be/DKYghtd5FQk
Harp Twins – The Bard’s Song (Blind Guardian) : http://y2u.be/9EF8KNTfGoA
Harp Twins – Ice Queen (Within Temptation) : http://y2u.be/gbS1DcgAZUU
Harp Twins – Silent Lucidity (Queensrÿche) : http://y2u.be/JFm5y5aQ_tk

Identical twin harpists Camille and Kennerly Kitt, known as the HARP TWINS, have achieved extraordinary success by taking Electric Harps and Concert Grand Harps to unprecedented levels and smashing boundaries between different genres of music. The twins’ ability to reinvent the harp has given them the opportunity to represent the United States at four World Harp Festivals, tour worldwide as a duo, and be featured guests on the 2020 nationwide PBS special, Celtic Heart. The duo has amassed over 2 million fans across their social media sites and over 140 million views on their YouTube music videos, making Camille and Kennerly the most followed and recognizable harp duo in the world. The Harp Twins have headlined countless concert series, festivals, fairs, comic-cons, and conventions – with audiences that include former U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents, tech titans, fashion moguls, dignitaries, and world leaders. Mixing their virtuoso harp skills with their stunningly complex arrangements of classic rock, metal, Celtic, and soundtrack hits – as well as Nordic inspired original songs – the Harp Twins deliver exciting, comedic, and interactive family-friendly performances that audiences cannot forget!

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Date(s) - 02.03.2024 - 03.03.2024
19:00 - 01:00